Logan Paul Wears Rare Charizard Card As Necklace To Floyd Mayweather Fight

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Logan Paul Wears Rare Charizard Card As Necklace To Floyd Mayweather Fight

Logan Paul has officially fought Floyd Mayweather, but as part of his pre-fight outfit, the YouTuber took his 1st Edition Charizard card and wore it as a necklace.

YouTubers entering the boxing ring to beat the snot out of each other has been one of the more interesting trends as of late, with the notorious Paul brothers (Logan and Jake) most well-known for the phenomena. Taking a huge step forward in the sport, Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather, who is widely considered to be the greatest boxer of all time—boasting an undefeated record.

While the fight went the distance, lasting the full eight rounds and resulting in what basically amounts to a tie (this exhibition fight didn’t receive official scoring), Logan Paul started the night showing off his rare 1st Edition Charizard card that is graded as a PSA 10, which is the highest rating possible. Paul wore the card as a necklace before the fight began.

Logan Paul V. Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul v. Floyd Mayweather

Attached to a gold chain, the card dangled around the YouTubers neck as he entered the ring, which oddly enough might be one of the more expensive pieces of bling worn pre-fight as Paul paid over $150,000 USD for the card several years ago.

With the massive increase in demand for Pokémon cards over the last few years, it’s purchases like Paul’s for this Charizard card that have been deemed the fuel behind what’s become some sort of blood sport, as consumers fight over Pokémon’s hardcore resale market.

With that being said, whether you want to blame the content creators doing massive card opening streams or the simple fact that nostalgia for the monster collecting game is at an all time high, it’s quite the flex to wear such an expensive and rare card around your neck like it’s nothing.

Steven Green
Steven Green

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