Lois Lane takes centre stage in new one-shot

| Feb 25, 2014
Lois Lane takes centre stage in new one-shot

Superman: Lois Lane #1 is coming out on Feb. 26, and focuses on the Daily Planet reporter and her family.

Written by Marguerite Bennett, the story will be about a number of things, including Lois’ father and his rise in the government office, her sister’s involvement with a deadly drug scene, and the return of Brainiac.

This isn’t Bennett’s first one-shot, her previous being Batman: The Joker’s Daughter #1, which was released earlier this month. It’s a bizarre character study that follows Joker’s daughter as she tries to find the Joker, and create a name for herself during her quest to be taken seriously as a villain. Alongside her pet cat Ugly Cat, she takes part in several gory acts of violence, and even manages to track down Batman himself.

Aside from the possibilities of a Joker return hinted at throughout the story, many people didn’t appreciate the excessive violence and the character’s one-dimensional personality, and as a result received a resounding “meh,” from most critics.

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