Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut out on PSN Today

| Sep 24, 2013
Lone Survivor: Director's Cut out on PSN Today 1

The indie survival horror game Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut comes out today on the Playstation Network.

Lone Survivor was originally released for Steam last year. The game was praised its 8-bit presentation, that complemented its survival-horror elements.

The title is reminiscent of Silent Hill, with a focus on atmosphere rather than combat. The game is also in 2D, with multiple paths and endings that add to replay value.

Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut was created by Jasper Byrne, who is well known for his soundtrack contributions to Hotline Miami. All the music was composed by Byrne as well.

The game is available now for Playstation Vita and Playstation 3.

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