Heroes of the Storm: Lunara and Diablo PTR Rework Update

Heroes of the Storm: Lunara and Diablo PTR Rework Update 1

The First Daughter of Cenarius and the Lord of Terror are ready to rumble in the Heroes of the Storm PTR with their new, exciting updates.

In this latest update to Heroes of the Storm, Lunara’s Wisp ability has an upgrade, as Sentinel Wisp now grants a bonus vision range. When a player guides the Wisp in a bush and waits a few seconds, it will reveal an area. Giving one’s team a little more insight as to where the enemies are located before claiming an objective, boss or even starting a team fight, can be key to any map.

Gameplay that rewards risks, especially when faced with multiple enemies, embodies Lunara’s other upgrades in these latest Heroes of the Storm update. With the lowered cooldown of Crippling Spores thanks to Endless Spores, players will also be rewarded for getting Nature’s Toxin against multiple enemies. At Level 20, Luna gets a new talent, Intensifying Toxin, which increases the damage of Nature’s Toxin when an enemy reaches three stacks of it.

As for Diablo, he will have more direct control of his abilities, particularly with Fire Stomp. Players will be able to target and self-heal with it, so that Diablo can stay in lanes and fights without having to be solely dependent on Healing Fountains and teammates. When the team calls for him, however, he will be ready to take part in combinations for massive damage, especially now that Fire Stomp can be fired in a cone.  

Other synergies include Feast on Fear, which is viable at Level 1 and heals Diablo for 15 per cent of his health after stunning a hero with either Overpower or Shadow Charge.

Finally, Eternal Flames resets the cooldown of Fire Stomp with every cast of either Shadow Charge and Overpower, allowing the Lord of Terror to become an unstoppable force in team fights.

With the new PTR patch, both Lunara and Diablo are more than fired up the upcoming Nexomania launch!

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Amy Chen
Amy Chen

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