LUPIN THE 3rd Receives Exciting Kickstarter For 50th Anniversary Artwork Book By Magnetic Press

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| Oct 22, 2021

LUPIN THE 3rd is one of the longest-running anime series and upon hitting its 50th anniversary, Magnetic Press announced a Kickstarter for an artwork tome.

Magnetic Press is a renowned publisher of world-class graphic novels and artwork books, in a team-up with LUPIN THE 3rd and TMS Entertainment, the animation studio responsible for the iconic franchise, to launch a Kickstarter in celebration of the hit anime’s crowning achievement of a 50th anniversary.

The coffee table-centric artwork book titled “50 Animated Years of LUPIN THE 3rd” celebrates the trials and tribulations of the iconic thief across the entire franchise, and will surely leave a calling card for fans. The encyclopedic tome gifts fans an inside look at the very beginning with the inception of Lupin in 1967 from renowned manga creator Monkey Punch, all the way through to his most recent adventures on the big screen with Lupin III: The First in 2019, and Part 6 of the acclaimed Anime series which started on October 10 of this year.

Lupin The 3Rd Receives Exciting Kickstarter For 50Th Anniversary Artwork Book By Magnetic Press

The book aims to center around the concept and artwork of the series, containing a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding cast as well, showcasing the slapstick comedy and nonstop energy the series is known for. The book will be made to pre-order on a Kickstarter page in two separate editions. The standard 200+ page hardcover, and a limited deluxe slipcase edition.

The campaign will feature stretch goals as many Kickstarter campaigns do, which unlock bonuses for fans when the Kickstarter hits larger milestones in funding. 96 extra pages of original artwork, storyboards, and designs are promised with the reaching of these milestones. More info on the milestones and pre-registration can be found here.

Founder and Publisher of Magnetic Press, Mike Kennedy said “We’re thrilled to be partnering with TMS Entertainment to help celebrate this landmark of 50 years of LUPIN THE 3rd,” including “Capturing all five decades of this benchmark anime into one coffee table book is a Herculean task, but one we’re excited to take on! We think fans will love this beautifully packaged love letter to Lupin and his crew,” regarding the exciting project.

This anniversary tome is being written by a noted authority of everything LUPIN, the historian Reed Nelson. In addition to the art book, a tabletop RPG is also being produced by Magnetic Press Play, promising to remain true to the source material of LUPIN THE 3rd‘s world.

The Anniversary Book will launch on Kickstarter on October 26.

More info about Magnetic Press and Magnetic Press Play is available on Twitter and the official website.

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