Magic The Gathering Arena Aims to Exterminate Bugs in Update

| September 16, 2021
Magic The Gathering Arena Aims to Exterminate Bugs in Update

Magic The Gathering Arena is receiving a new update that introduces Innistrad: Midnight Hunt to the game, while eliminating pesky bugs for players.

Today, a new update goes into effect that will address a number of bugs that have been rampaging through Magic The Gathering Arena. Certain bugs that have grown worrisome for players, including not receiving the proper pack spread in the welcome bundle, have been addressed.

A larger-scale issue that the team has had a problem with, where Mythic level players would be listed as Beginner in the limited playlist, is hopefully resolved in this update. “We’re hopeful that this also fixes the issue for players already in this state, but this is a very unusual bug that the team has struggled with. If it doesn’t, be assured we will continue to aggressively look for a solution,” the Magic The Gathering Arena team stated on their patch notes.

User Elmksan posted on Reddit a photo of this issue in action.

Magic The Gathering Arena Aims To Exterminate Bugs In Update
Magic The Gathering Arena

The issues these bugs caused were exceptionally game-breaking, as players affected by the Mythic Beginner issue were not able to earn any rewards from engaging in events or make any progress to rank. While this repair prevents any more players from being affected by this issue, it remains to be seen whether already affected players will be cured of this affliction. A fix for players not receiving credit for quest activities from direct challenges is also integrated into the Arena, making progress toward quest completion regularly work.

These technical issue repairs bring a breath of fresh air to fans, but there is more to be excited about. MTG Arena introduces Innistrad: Midnight Hunt packs to the popular game. The set includes new game mechanics, green egg hatching, new eternal night cards, and so much more. A new standard set rotation has been implemented aiming to keep the game fresh for the near future.

Warning players, the current event, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, is set to end October 14. This gives players nearly a month left to obtain what the event offers, so fans with the goal of completing their sets will need to engage in the Arena to ensure collection integrity.

Any other information regarding Magic The Gathering Arena can be found on their site.

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