Mark Millar announces Hit-Girl spin-off and three new titles

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2011 will be a busy year for Mark Millar.

Comic book creator Mark Millar, the mind behind Kick-Ass and Wanted, has announced that he will be working on four new titles for his Millarworld line of comics.

“There are four new Millarworld books I’m planning on writing over the next year. I’ve actually written some of them already, and others I’ll be writing over the next few months,” said Millar in an interview with CBR.

One of the books will be a spin-off of Kick-Ass that will star the foul-mouthed child assassin Hit-Girl.

“So this is Hit-Girl in her own ongoing book because I found that as I was writing the ‘Kick-Ass’ comic, Hit-Girl would almost take it over because she was so much fun to write,” said Millar. “Everyone coming out of the movie or reading the comic just wanted more Hit-Girl, so you needed more stories of her.”

The first issue of Hit-Girl will arrive in September as part of Marvel’s Icon brand and will feature art by Leandro Fernandez. The second book, meanwhile, is titled Supercrooks, and Millar describes it as a heist story along the lines of “’Ocean’s Eleven’ meets the ‘X-Men.’” The book will follow seven villains as they head to Europe to pull off the caper of a career, and it will be released before the end of the year with art by Leinill Francis Yu.

Millar didn’t go into as much detail about his other two books, although he did say that one is collaboration with artist Dave Gibbons. The two have been working on the book for a while, but the team can’t make an announcement until certain legal issues are taken care of.

“We have to get a trademark issue resolved before we can announce the title of the book, because we want to make sure we can call it what we want,” said Millar. “We’ve got the first issue’s cover and some interior art ready to show, but we can’t do it until we know that we can call the book the title.”

The final book is being done in collaboration with artist Frank Quitley, and Millar is already calling it his ‘magnum opus.’

“Frank Quitely and I are doing a new project – a huge, 12-issue superhero epic for Image,” says Millar. “We’re not giving all the details yet because it’s not coming out until around January [2012.] It’s going to be a massive, massive series – probably the most ambitious thing I’ve ever tried.”

More details are expected at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Personally, I’m curious to find out more about Supercrooks, although all of the ideas sound pretty intriguing. If Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar are already having trademark issues, you have to wonder what the book will actually be about.

Source: CBR

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