Marvel’s “What if? Age of Ultron” looks at a world without certain Avengers

Marvel's "What if? Age of Ultron" looks at a world without certain Avengers 1

Ever wonder what the Marvel universe would look like with the Punisher wearing the red and blue tights of Captain America?

This is just one of the scenarios explored in writer Joe Keatinge’s upcoming What if? Age of Ultron miniseries, which focuses on the possible outcomes that arise as a result of certain members of the Avengers biting the dust before they could join forces.

According to an interview with CBR, Keatinge explained each issue will be an individual tale that runs in parallel to each other, and accumulate to a larger story. Usually stand-alone stories that put certain characters into a unique light, the What if? series is being used slightly differently here, as the stories, according to Keatinge, all “technically” tie into the 2013 comic book crossover event, Age of Ultron.

The first issue will focus on the absence of the Wasp from the Marvel timeline, and the ramifications that come as a result of Hank Pym – her husband – increasing the scale of his prototype Ultron designs in hopes of preventing what happened to his wife from happening again. The series will also explore Iron Man’s death, which amazingly results in Wolverine uniting a new Fantastic Four, and a world without Thor, that leaves several powerless characters fighting the Midgard Serpent, a vicious creature tied directly to an Asgardian prophecy.

Keatinge said readers won’t need to purchase each issue to understand what’s happening, but if people want to understand the ramifications of each characters’ deaths in their entirety, reading the entire miniseries will paint a clearer picture.

Alex Coop
Alex Coop

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