Mass Effect Joins Cards Against Humanity

Mass Effect Joins Cards Against Humanity 1

The popular drunk card game, Cards Against Humanity, is adding Mass Effect references to their list of expansion packs.

Cards Against Humanity’s Twitter and website was updated today, saying that they would be collaborating with BioWare’s Mass Effect series for an expansion pack to add to their insanely popular card game. The limited edition, one dollar expansion pack will contain 14 new cards referencing the Mass Effect franchise. Three of the cards were already previewed on Cards Against Humanity’s Twitter. One question card asks, “Coming this spring from BioWare, Mass Effect:,” while two separate answer cards say, “Totally f-able aliens,” and “Space Racism.” If three of the cards shown on their Twitter are any indication, the expansion pack will be a riot, and well worth the dollar.

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Actually, the card game is fill-in-the-blank style game based on Apples to Apples but instead, uses words and phrases that are considered rude, taboo, offensive or simply hilarious. The game also references various celebrities, films and TV shows from pop culture.

The card game was invented by alumni from Highland Park High School as a game for New Year’s Eve and was started on Kickstarter.  Cards Against Humanity debuted in May of 2011 after raising its $4,000 goal in just two weeks and gaining $15,000 by the campaign’s end. Cards Against Humanity beat its fundraising goal by over 400 per cent. The game eventually became one of the top-selling games on Amazon and earns about $12 million a year in revenue.

Since nothing is sacred (according to BioWare’s Twitter) the Mass Effect Cards Against Humanity expansion pack is currently available now for purchase on Cards Against Humanity’s website. Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be referenced in this pack as BioWare newest game wasn’t given to Cards Against Humanity’s team.

If you want to add Mass Effect to your Cards Against Humanity pack, you can do so here.

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