Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Run At 120fps On Xbox Series X, 60fps on PS5

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Run At 120fps On Xbox Series X, 60fps on PS5 1

EA has confirmed that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will take advantage of the faster hardware in the new consoles with resolution and frame rate modes, going up to 120fps on Xbox Series X and 60fps on PS5.

Commander Shepard’s highly anticipated return is only days away now with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 14, 2021. Thanks to an announcement from EA, fans now have confirmation what to expect in terms of how the game will run on their new consoles, and it’s shaping up to be quite the improvement.

EA released a graph to show the different modes available to each console and how the game will run on each console, which you can see here:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Run At 120Fps On Xbox Series X, 60Fps On Ps5
Image taken from EA’s official website

The game will feature two distinct modes for each console, though the difference in output depending on your device is quite drastic, especially when looking at the performance specs for Xbox Series X. One mode favours framerate while the other favours resolution. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will still be able to play at 60fps, so if you’ve yet to upgrade to next-gen but don’t want to wait to jump back into Commander Sheppard’s space boots, you should still have a very smooth experience at least on the framerate mode.

Some graphical features regarding lighting and textures do take a hit when playing with a framerate focused visual mode, but that is to be expected particularly with last-gen hardware. The Xbox Series X however is the one console seemingly making no compromises, targeting 120fps @ 1440p resolution and 60fps @ 4K, while the PS5 doesn’t break 60fps even while targeting higher framerates.

The exclusion of a 120fps mode for PS5 does feel off, especially considering there are other games which do run at that high framerate on the console already such as Destiny 2. Even so, it is still not a feature that many on the platform will likely miss, since displays with framerates as high as 120fps are still slowly integrating into popular TV’s. For more on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, see what other changes have been made to Bioware’s classic space epic.

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