Master Chief Backstory Explained

| October 19, 2012

Yesterday, David Ellis promoted the launch of the latest Halo 4 trailer, directed by acclaimed Hollywood director David Fincher. They did not disappoint.

 The trailer, which aired during NBC’s popular late night program, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, provided viewers with a vast amount of information. Not only were new enemy classes showcased, but the seven game franchise protagonist, Master Chief’s backstory was revealed.

From his family life to his start in the Halo wars, questions fans have pondered for years were revealed.

The video starts with the Chief as a child digging through sand, watchig as airships fly overhead. A woman, who we can only assume to be his mother, beckons him before the scene changes.

The next frame provides the image of a military man carrying the young Master Chief out of his house before cutting to men and women standing in line at an unknown facility. Again, although there is no confirmation, the way the video is shot allows the audience to see the Chief as he’s beginning his war career.

Fans learn about the horrendous medical torture the soldiers go through as well before becoming the soldiers they play as. Master Chief is tied to a table as various doctors clothed in white jackets poke and prod him with needles.

The video kicks into gear at this point. The Master Chief fans of the Halo universe are accustomed too runs out into open battle. Armed with an extraordinary looking weapon, viewers can also get their first glance at one of the upcoming enemy classes.

Check out the video below for your first glance into the world of Halo 4.

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