HAWKEN Enters Its Open Beta Stage

Julia Alexander


HAWKEN Enters Its Open Beta Stage

The free to play open world mech combat game, HAWKEN, is officially entering its Beta stage, but more are welcome to join.
Dragon Ball Z For Kinect (Xbox 360) Review 1

Dragon Ball Z For Kinect (Xbox 360) Review

Ask any Dragon Ball Z fan and they’ll tell you stories of when they were a child, jumping around their living room shouting “Kamehameha” at friends and family, thrusting their arms up and down as they try to attain a Super Saiyan status. With the arrival of Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, the hope that […]

Resident Evil 6 Gets 3 New DLC Packs

Fans of the popular zombie title Resident Evil 6 will be happy to know the latest round of DLC will be available on December 18.

Zynga Trying Again With Coasterville

The creator behind the massively popular Facebook games Farmville and Cityville are back with their latest real time Facebook game, Coasterville.

Here’s What You’ll Need To Run Crysis 3

For all of the Crysis fans out there, Crytek released an official statement stating what kind of set up you’ll need to run the game. 

Bioshock Infinite Box Art Revealed

The box art for the upcoming addition to the Bioshock series, Bioshock Infinite, has been revealed and it is gorgeous. 

Dishonored Gets New DLC

Fans of Bethesda’s latest stealth game Dishonored will be glad to know they can get their hands on the new DLC, Dunwall City Trials, next month.

Wii Mini Hitting Canadian Shelves

Canadians will be the first, if not the only people, to be getting their hands on the newest Wii system from Nintendo, and we’re not talking about the WiiU.

Rockin’ Out to Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto fans can stop trying to get their hands on anything GTA V before the game launches next year by tuning into some good old GTA jams for free.
Max Payne 3 Gets New DLC - 2012-11-26 17:11:52

Max Payne 3 Gets New DLC

Max Payne will have to dig into his past and bring up some, “painful memories” in the latest downloadable content from Rockstar.

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