Zynga Trying Again With Coasterville

| Dec 5, 2012

The creator behind the massively popular Facebook games Farmville and Cityville are back with their latest real time Facebook game, Coasterville.

This is Zynga’s 26th game and like many of their previous titles, this game is based heavily on social interaction with people on websites like Facebook. 

Zynga broke out in the social gaming scene with Zynga Poker, but are known for their popular Facebook game, Farmville. The game allowed players to create, control, and maintain their own farms. 

Today, Zynga is launching their latest game, Coasterville. The idea, akin to Farmville, will allow players to build and maintain their own theme parks while creating the craziest rollercoasters they can think up.

The game sounds like the social medium equivalent to Rollercoaster Tycoon, the biggest rollercoaster real time strategy game available today.

The release of the game comes at an interesting time, however, being released in the wake of hundreds of layoffs from the humongous company. The most recent layoffs occured less than two months ago, where the company layed off more than 100 members of their staff at their Boston and Austin locations. 

News broke before these layoffs occured of some major senior level employees leaving the company. Zynga Poker General Manager Laurence “Lo” Tony left the company at the beginning of October, just three weeks before the massive layoffs would occur. 

Coasterville, like the majority of Zynga games, will be available to play for free on Facebook. The game will be live at some point later today. 

Is Coasterville something you’re looking to play? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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