Resident Evil 6 Gets 3 New DLC Packs

| December 5, 2012
Resident Evil 6 Gets 3 New DLC Packs

Fans of the popular zombie title Resident Evil 6 will be happy to know the latest round of DLC will be available on December 18.

The newest DLC consists of three different packages, all incorporating the multiplayer aspect the game has to offer.

The first DLC package, entitled Predator, situates players in the Jake Muller campaign. In this multiplayer package, one player takes on the role of the gruesome Ustanak, the B.O.W (or a Bio Organic Weapon) while the rest of the players take on human fighters. The goal, for the human fighters, is to eliminate the B.O.W or to at least survive the timed session. The goal for the player controlling Ustanak is to, quite obviously, destroy the humans. This multplayer package is available for up to six players.

The second DLC package available, Survivors, is an interesting take on the classic battle mode. Survivors randomly places you in the game as a human or a zombie. Your goal is to defeat the enemies the computer has pitted against you. The twist? When you are killed, you respawn as a member of the enemy force you were fighting against and must take on your own team. Survivors, like Predator, can be played with two to six players.

The third DLC, Onslaught, brings an old school arcade feel to the game. Two players must take on an onslaught of enemies by themselves. The more combos used against the wave of enemies sends your enemies onto your opponents screen. The player who receives the most enemies by the end of the level loses. Onslaught is a two player DLC package.

All three DLC’s can be purchased for 720 Microsoft Points as a bundle or 320 Points for each individual DLC. All three DLC’s will be released first exclusively for the Xbox 360. There is currently no date for a Playstation 3 release. Check out the videos below for a glimpse into the DLC you can purchase on December 18.


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Let us know if you think the DLC’s look like they’re worth it by dropping us a comment in the section below.

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