Molyneux Keeps ‘Em Coming

| Nov 23, 2012

There may still be problems with Curiosity, but video game designer and legend Peter Molyneux is already asking for your support in building a completely new game.

Molyneux and his team at 22Cans took to the popular public funding website Kickstarter to announce their idea for a new game, Godus.

Godus brings Molyneux back to his roots with bringing back and reinventing the, “God” game. A feat, some have said, Molyneux defined with the creation of his game, Populous.

Godus is the reinvention of the God genre, with a bit of a twist. This time around, Molyneux and his team would like the entire experience to be a multi player one. While Molyneux would like to go above and beyond, pitting ten gods against ten gods, other members on his team think eight is the ideal number.

From the video, it looks like Godus is already underway, just one week after Curioisty was released. Going to Kickstarter to fund the project though is an entirely new experience for the 22Cans team.

“One of the brilliant things about Kickstarter is we need you. Your help, your input, and if you look at the pledges, we really are going to listen to you,” Molyneux said in the video accompanying the information on the official Kickstarter page. 

22Cans are asking for 450,000 pounds, which is roughly equivalent to just under $1 million Canadian. With 28 days left to go with the campaign, the team has already reached 105,000 pounds. 

Check out the video below, and check out the official Kickstarter page by clicking the link. 

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Project Godus

“I just want to deliver the glory of the old days in a new format of today’s world, and with your help we can do that.”

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