Latest Trailer Showcases Cast of All Stars Battle Royale

| Nov 23, 2012
Latest Trailer Showcases Cast of All Stars Battle Royale

The latest cinematic trailer from Sony for their upcoming Super Smash Bros. like fighting game showcases the wide array of characters players can choose from. 

We, here at C&G, decided to break down the entire trailer and list all of the characters which have been slowly added throughout the build up for the game. 

Jak and Dakter, alongside Ratchet and Clank make the first appearence before literally being kicked off screen by Uncharted’s Nathan Drake. 

Sly Cooper slides in to begin combat with Drake, before Fat Princess plops herself on screen. The scene changes and Fat Princess is now going head to head with Cole MacGrath, the infamous character from, well, Infamous. 

Sir Daniel Fortesque, from MediEvil, jumps on screen and immediately starts dodging bullets from Playstation alumni, Colonel Radec from Killzone.

In perhaps the cutest scene from video game trailer history, Sackboy enters, only to be picked up and squeezed by a Little Sister, who is followed by a Big Daddy from Bioshock

In a surprising twist, Nariko from Heavenly Sword and Dante from the new Devil May Cry, take a turn and begin furiously swiping at one another with their various weapons. 

Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima throws Dante out of the battle arena and comes face to face with Toro, the loveable cat from Doko Demo Issyo.

Parappa from PaRappa the Rapper comes skateboarding in, and picks up a battle with Spike from the Ape Escape series. 

In the next segment, two characters which have just been announced, make their debut. Evil Cole MacGrath and Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden begin their battle royale on screen. These are two of the latest characters Sony has announced will be available for play.

In the last fight, two heavyweights, Kratos from God of War and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, come out blazing. 

Check out the video below and let us know if you’re excited to play, or if you’re already playing. 

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