Meet Wraith- Epic’s New Paragon Survailence Specialist

Meet Wraith- Epic's New Paragon Survailence Specialist

Paragon, Epic’s games popular 5v5 MOBA has received a new playable character named Wraith.

A new trailer for the game dropped introducing Wraith, a cybernetic operative soldier with an attitude. Paragon will receive an update on June 27, 2017 that will add Wraith to the list of playable characters. The new hero is designed similarly to Kallari. Within the game’s lore, it is said that Wraith graduated from Echelon,  the same special operations program as Kallari. Furthermore, Wraith actually was an apprentice under Kallari which can attribute to their similar character design.

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Where Kallari is a character that focuses on stealth and assassinations, Wraith is a playable hero that uses surveillance as his primarystrategy. As a recon specialist, Wraith allows players to engage in battles with the aid of high tech tools which allow players to collect intel and other valuable data on their targets.

Wraith, brings with him a plethora of skills and special abilities with him when he becomes available in Paragon.

Knock, Knock! (RMB/R1) – A long-range scoped shot that penetrates geometry. Killing an enemy hero or minion with this ability will refund the mana cost over a short time and reduce the cooldown.

Who’s there? (Q/Square) –  Wraith launches a sonar ward that pings its location to reveal nearby enemy Heroes. No line-of-sight restrictions.

Back it up! (E/Circle) – Mark an enemy Hero to warp them back to where they were moments ago.

Surprise, Surprise! (R/Triangle) – Wraith sends himself and nearby allies into the Shadow Plane and grants a movement speed boost.

Paragon is Epic games first foray into the world of MOBA gaming, the title launched into Open Beta in 2016 for both PlayStation 4 and PC. Additionally, the game is free-to-play meaning that anyone interested in trying it out can easily due so by downloading the client on whichever platform they prefer. Wraith will be out on June 27, 2017 on all platforms.

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