MegaMan Board Game Kickstarter Almost Over

| Jan 16, 2014
MegaMan Board Game Kickstarter Almost Over

Fans of the Blue Bomber will be happy to know that the MegaMan board game is funded and has almost reached all its stretch goals.

Having raised over $300,000, the board game has you and your friends playing as MegaMan and his robot enemies. During each turn, one player controls MegaMan while the others take control of characters like Guts Man and Bomb Man in order to stop the Blue Bomber from advancing. In order to win the game, MegaMan has to beat both the robot master and Doctor Wily.

While many of the stretch goals have been unlocked (such as colored pieces), there are still small little add-ons like card sleeves to be had. You can check out all the backing goals and stretch goals here. The project funding ends Sunday, so keep backing! The game is set to ship around October 2014.

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