Microsoft IllumiRoom Not Public Until July

| Apr 30, 2013
Microsoft IllumiRoom Not Public Until July

Following up to the announcement of the expansive projection Microsoft IllumiRoom, Engadget has confirmed the public won’t see the advanced technology until July at the SIGGRAPH conference.


Microsoft Research members Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones spoke to Engadget today, saying the IllumiRoom won’t be ready for the next-gen Xbox reveal in May. They also add the IllumiRoom is in its preliminary stages, with additional research needing to be done before public release.

The IllumiRoom was announced at the CES this year, and the CHI conference this week in Paris. Microsoft Research Group described the IllumiRoom as sitting on one’s coffee table and surrounding the television with large, grid-like areas. It would compliment the next-gen Xbox in the sense it would place the gamer right in the scene of action.

Microsoft Research wants to include more illusory effects in what is referred to as “augmented gaming”, and centering it on genres such as first-person shooters and racing games.

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