Microsoft Set To Push Windows Mixed Reality — Halo, Steam Included

Microsoft Set To Push Windows Mixed Reality — Halo, Steam Included 1

Microsoft as of late has been determined to bring their HoloLens and VR technology in general to the forefront of consumer electronics.

Currently, most PC based virtual reality setups are expensive and require additional set up. Microsoft has promised that they are going to be bringing a range of much more accessible and democratized headsets to Windows platforms.

This week at the IFA keynote in Berlin, Microsoft is expected to announce news regarding their upcoming range of VR and AR headsets. The legendary software company is touting that their line-up of upcoming devices will be more reasonably priced and affordable.

Additionally, Microsoft has stated that their range of headsets will work out of the box, eliminating the need for mounted cameras while providing a less involved and more intuitive setup process. The upcoming range of headsets will feature built in tracking — which is how Microsoft will eliminate the need for additional setup and hardware.

A wide gambit of renowned electronic manufacturers is slated to be on board with Microsoft. They include the likes of HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer.  Headsets and motion controllers will start at low as $399 USD or $498 CAD. Furthermore, a new range of exciting PC models will also be available that support the forthcoming VR and AR headsets, starting at $499 USD or $623 CAD.

Microsoft will be offering both mid-range to higher end machines that are built from the ground up to support the Windows Mixed Reality platform. The Mixed Reality PCs will run immersive content at 60fps, while what Microsoft is calling their Ultra range of Mixed Reality PCs, will run content at 90fps.

Both mid-range and Ultra Mixed Reality PC configurations will deliver similar content, such as immersive video and gaming experiences. With full support for Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers.

In order to ensure quality content from the start, Microsoft has also announced that they will be bringing 343 Studios and with them, the Halo property to the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Not much information is known in regards to what Halo content will be coming to the platform. However, just the fact that Halo is indeed coming highlights how serious Mircosoft is in their VR and AR push.

Finally, Steam, the mega popular online games storefront will also get support for the forthcoming Mixed Reality initiative.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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