MIGS16 to Bring Masterclasses in Gaming to Montreal

| October 27, 2016
MIGS16 to Bring Masterclasses in Gaming to Montreal 2

If you’re looking to get into game development or trying to refine your already sick dev skills, then Montreal, Quebec looks like it will be the place to be come November 13th, 14th, and 15th .  That’s the home of this year’s Montreal International Game Summit, or MIGS16 if you want to sound cool. MIGS and TECHNOCompétences are coming together for the second time to provide networking and business opportunities as well as some interesting sounding master classes geared toward industry professionals.

These classes will cover a whole host of interesting topics ranging from the world building in The Witcher 3 lead by Krzysztof Lipka, sound designer and sound team coordinator from CD PROJEKT RED, to a class on special effects in film and videogames as it relates to Houdini, being taught by Slim Ghariani the FX supervisor at FuseFX. If neither of those sound particularly interesting, there are plenty of others to pick from; I just happen to like The Witcher and explosions.

Apart from the classes, MIGS16 promises to be a great place to network, with plenty of conferences and speakers (panels featuring the Art Direction of We Happy Few sound promising). As well, there will be an exclusive mentoring session about pitching ideas to prospective clients.

“Sustaining this sector’s incredible growth requires high-level talents,” said a Rémi Villeneuve, CHRP, training initiative manager at TECHNOCompétences. “With this partnership. TECHNOCompétences aims to accelerate the development of advanced skills of professionals in the gaming industry.”

The whole thing sounds like a winner to me. There are a total of 18 different master classes being offered, all going on through the 14th and 15th, and representation from loads of big budget developers and publishers. Recruitment and professional development seems to be the name of the game here. So come out, learn you a thing and find yourself a fancy new job at MIGS16.

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