MLB 2K Closes Up Shop

| January 6, 2014
MLB 2K Closes Up Shop 1

Xbox baseball fans might want to reconsider their next-gen options, as it looks like Major League Baseball will be limited to Sony devices.

In an expected move, 2K took down both the Facebook page and the official forums for their series, MLB 2K. The company recently told Polygon that they will not be renewing the franchise for 2014, taking away any hope for baseball on the Xbox One. The last entry, 2K13, wasn’t announced until 3 months before its release, and was met with a mediocre reception

Luckily, Sony has had the more robust franchise all along: MLB: The Show. The next entry will be coming to PS4, PSVITA and PS3 in Spring 2014. For all you baseball fans, this is the definitive way to experience the sport on a console.

Stay tuned to CGM as more details arise on MLB 2K.

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