MMORPG AION Gets Big Update For All EU Players

MMORPG AION Gets Big Update For All EU Players

Gameforge’s AION revamps the world of Atreia with tons of new content.

It’s time to gather up your Daeva and get ready for the new features dropping in Atreia. The hugely famous MMORPG AION announced its newest 8.0 update, following its 12th anniversary, which brings a lot of fresh and improved content for all players on the Europe servers.

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The biggest news from the trailer introduces the new map area in Atreia called “Aphsaranta”, which is located in Inggison and Gelkmaros. This area can only be played by players level 81 and above because of its difficult quests and as a place to grind out reputation with your chosen faction. It’s also meant as a place for levelling up players’ hero to the brand-new level cap at 85. More levels mean new skills will be available for both Elyos and Asmodian classes.

A new campaign or instance has been added called “Heart of Aphsaranta.” This new mission encourages players with the help of five other companions or friends to take on the trials and tribulations Aphsaranta has to throw at players. By finishing Heart of Aphsaranta, players will be rewarded with items like the new “Ultimate Fighting Spirit” equipment.

With a new map, brings many other new items and enemies! Aside from obtaining the Ultimate Fighting Spirit equipment, players have the opportunity to get 1 of 12 pieces of Apsu’s Illusion Equipment from special drops by defeating the world boss, “Adad” each time you face it. In regard to enemies, Siege Battle was reworked and rebalanced mainly pertaining to enemy stats for the battles in the Prades, Bassen, Inggison and Gelkmaros fortresses.

Mmorpg Aion Gets Big Update For All Eu Players

The last but not least addition with AION’s Europe update is the ability for players to become Aphsaranta Adventurers by transforming into cute, little desert foxes. Imagine taking on enemies as an adorable little critter. The Gameforge AION Twitch channel held a livestream highlighting this update, which players can go watch now to see all they can get out of Aphsaranta. Further information on new additions to the game will follow as the update rolls out.

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