My Friend Pedro is Turning Into a TV Series by Legendary and Devolver Digital

My Friend Pedro is Turning Into a TV Series by Legendary and Devolver Digital 2

My Friend Pedro is one of the sticky-note ideas coming to life by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, who previously wanted to adapt the 2.5D shooting game into a series.

In a release, the game would be handled as “an R-rated half hour dramedy” written and executive produced by Kolstad. It would also be made with Legendary Television and 87North, with Devolver Digital CEO Mike Wilson joining as an executive producer.

The show would likely be based on its absurd premise – a sentient (living) banana controls a hitman who embarks on a quest to kill rival gangs and arms dealers. Its physics-based gunplay was also a key game mechanic while players had to aim their weapons in the right trajectory for bullets to bounce off walls.

Seeing My Friend Pedro in a serialized fashion means audiences would get to witness a brief crime saga told from the view of a banana named Pedro. It’s unclear if the fruit would be voiced for the show of if it remains silent as it did in the original game.

“To be honest, I love it all,” Kolstad previously told in an interview. He also expressed plans to adapt both My Friend Pedro and horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine as shows.

”I got to tell you, man, I’m still a little kid at this and I f***ing love it. If I can emulate and replicate any success I’ve had with John Wick elsewhere, I’m going to be that 11-year-old that snuck into an R-rated movie, giggling.”

dj2 Entertainment is also coming on board to adapt the game series, alongside their work for a Disco Elysium and Sleeping Dogs show. John Wick co-director David Leitch will also be an executive producer while his company 87North will help turn the game into a multi-episode epic.

It’s still unknown if My Friend Pedro would be released as a one-off season, or when the show would start production.

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