NARUTO ONLINE Launching In The West On July 20

| Jul 13, 2016
NARUTO ONLINE Launching In The West On July 20 11

Believe it! Oasis Game’s NARUTO ONLINE, the first online Naruto RPG licensed by Bandai Namco, will be launching in Western regions for PC on July 20.

NARUTO ONLINE is an MMORPG turn-based browser-game and will be free to play. There are no downloads needed. Players simply need to create an account, and they can begin playing right away.

The game will be following the anime storyline, spanning nine arcs of the show and features iconic locations such as the Village Hidden in the Sand and the Valley of the End.

Five brand-new characters will be available for players to journey through NARUTO ONLINE with and gain experience through different quest types and game modes. These characters are based on the elements of earth, fire, wind, water, and lightning.

Among the game modes available are single player and multi-player dungeons, and giant Worldboss battles. Doing these activities will give players access to new items and equipment to enhance their character.

Players will be able to recruit a team of their favourite ninjas, modeled after characters from the show, to fight alongside them. Match the ninjas on your team with the Naruto Bonds-system to improve your team’s abilities and unleash devastating combos.

For more information, head on over to the official website for the game, where a number of resources are available including details on the ninjas in the game.

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