Neil Druckmann Could Have Bigger Role with HBO’s The Last of Us Series

Neil Druckmann Could Have Bigger Role with HBO's The Last of Us

Neil Druckmann may be among the directors for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, according to some details listed on the Directors Guild of Canada website, which would mark an increased role on the series for the Naughty Dog co-president.

It’s hard to know for certain as of writing though as neither Druckmann nor HBO has confirmed the listing. Druckmann’s increased involvement with the series also isn’t listed on his IMDb page. Though it shows him as working on the series; he’s just only credited and listed as a creator and executive producer.

That being said, it may just be a matter of some pages needing updating. Until it’s officially confirmed though, and by more sources, it’s best to assume Druckmann’s involvement has remained the same. Though the series still appears to be in safe hands so fans of Sony’s mega-successful post-apocalyptic video game series have plenty of reasons to remain optimistic.

Neil Druckmann is very much involved with the series, as well as Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of the original music from The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part II. And while Craig Mazin may not have been involved with the creation of the games, his credits do involve some beloved and critically acclaimed projects, including HBO’s very own Chernobyl.

Neil Druckmann Could Have Bigger Role With Hbo'S The Last Of Us Series

Mazin is credited as the writer, creator, and executive producer of Chernobyl, which explored the events leading up to the infamous nuclear disaster. Mazin put an exhaustive amount of research into Chernobyl and will likely bring the same dedication to The Last of Us. He’s listed as the series’ writer, creator, and executive producer.

Druckmann’s involvement will also likely help ensure HBO’s The Last of Us is a faithful adaptation, even when changes are necessary or desired for creative purposes. The series is expected to release in 2022 with no specific release date.

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