Neopets Officially Launches Online Merch Store

Neopets Officially Launches Online Merch Store

The Neopets brand is officially getting its own online merch store which launches today.

The formation of the online store is a collaboration between JumpStart Games, the company that owns Neopets, Carlin West Agency, and Snow Commerce. Fans can get their hands on a variety of branded merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, decal stickers, tote bags and much more.

Fans can customize selected merch with the online store’s personalized section. Include your favourite Neopet plus a name or text on a personalized t-shirt of their choosing. You can also customize your own mug too. One awesome aspect of the online store is that in addition to the collection of merch they will be offering incredible designs created by artists in the Neopets community.

Neopets Officially Launches Online Merch Store

“There are millions of kids that grew up playing with Neopets, and many of them still play today, almost 21 years after it had originally launched!” JumpStart Games President and CEO, Jim Czulewicz says. “We wanted to celebrate the fandom’s passion for our community by creating a special store with our licensed partners, as a hub for all things Neopian.”

This isn’t the first time that the web browser game has made headlines this year. The development team is reportedly considering bringing Neopets to consoles with the Nintendo Switch. Since the death of Flash last year, the development team had to transition away from it and come up with alternative solutions to run the game. This led to the team prioritizing popular features like customization of pets, daily activities and the Neopian Pound.

Confirmation of a Switch version and a release date seems so far away, until then Neopets is finding other financial opportunities with the launch of its online merch store. Not everything is on the merch store at this time as fans are urged to stay tuned for when Petpet keychains, Neopet plushies and other new Neopia-inspired products will be coming to the store in the months to come.

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