Netflix Announces New Anime, Remaking Knights of the Zodiac

| August 2, 2017
Netflix Announces New Anime, Remaking Knights of the Zodiac 1

Netflix has announced the expansion of its anime programming slate, adding twelve new series to its lineup.

In Japan yesterday, Netflix announced a number of new anime series that will be coming to their service. Among them is a 12 episode remake of the 1986 anime, Saint Seiya. Titled Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya, the new series will cover the Galaxy War arc and the Silver Saint arc. Each episode will be 30 minutes long and will be produced by Toei Animation. No release date for the upcoming remake has been announced but Netflix confirmed that it will be coming soon.

Another classic series that will be getting an anime adaptation for Netflix is Baki the Grappler. Based on the 1991 manga, Baki follows a young Baki Hanma as he trains to surpass his father, the strongest fighter in the world. Baki is being produced by TMS Entertainment and will be comprised of 26 episodes.

The American fantasy comic, Cannon Busters, is also confirmed to adapted for Netflix as a 12 episode series. Created in 2005, Cannon Busters follows the adventures of a droid named S.A.M and her two companions as they search for her missing best friend. The new series is being produced by Manga Entertainment Ltd, Nada Holdings and Satelight with Natasha Allegri and Anne Toole signed on as writers alongside series creator LeSean Thomas.

A new animated Godzilla film will also be coming to Netflix sometime this year. Taking place in a future where Godzilla has dominated the earth for 20 thousand years, mankind prepares for its final confrontation with the king of monsters. Produced by Polygon Pictures, the new Godzilla film is being written by Puella Magi Madoka Magica script writer Gen Urobuchi.

While no exact release dates have been given, these new series will be aired over the course of this year and 2018. A full list of Netflix’s anime announcements can be found here.

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