New Apple Watch Can Detect and Report Falls

Also boasts larger screen and ECG scanning.

New Apple Watch Can Detect and Report Falls 1

At their Keynote today, Apple unveiled their series four Apple Watch, and the results were nothing short of heartstopping. 

The new watch is faster than ever and features a display that’s 30 per cent larger than the previous model. As a result of the increased size, users can now see up to eight apps from their standard watch face screen. Apple also announced a more precise mechanical scroll feature for navigating apps and a speaker that is 50 per cent louder than before. However, among all the new features the new health-focused advancements were the most intriguing.

Series four has twice the dynamic range on its accelerometer which allows for the watch to recognize the motion of a fall and detect it. When the Apple Watch notices the movement of a fall, it sends an alert to the watch face that allows for one-click emergency calling. If the user doesn’t respond to the message and remains immobile for a minute following the alert, the new Apple Watch will automatically call emergency services. Not only that, but the watch will also send a message to the users family members telling them that they have fallen and are currently immobile.

New Apple Watch Can Detect And Report Falls 1
Photo courtesy of Apple.

The new Apple Watch also features some breakthroughs in terms of heart health. New technology will give users a notification when they have a low heart rate, as well as screen their heart rate for irregularities in tempo. The watch also uses electrodes which allow for owners to take a 30 second ECG (electrocardiogram) by simply pressing their watches Digital Crown.

This marks the first direct to consumer ECG device, as Apple has received clearance from the American Food and Drug Administration to use the feature. Apple also revealed that all of the heart reports and notifications will be stored on the devices health app, which can then be used when visiting one’s doctor.

The series four watches will have the same 18-hour battery life as the previous model, and the non-LTE version will retail at $349 USD, while the LTE version will cost $449 USD. Both models will ship on September 21st of this year.

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Alex Handziuk
Alex Handziuk

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