New Details On Star Wars Battlefront Training Missions and Battles

New Details On Star Wars Battlefront Training Missions and Battles

With weeks before the official launch of Star Wars Battlefront the news is flowing out of EA. Not only did we just get a look at the new heroes in the game, but now we are hearing more details on the new modes people will get to enjoy.

The Training Missions are the first thing EA detailed in a recent blog post. There will be five different Training Missions along with a tutorial called Probe Droids where players will learn all about blasters, Star Wars Cards and blowing up Imperial hardware. In the Beggars Canyon Training Mission players will fly through the skies taking down Tie Fighters with their X-Wing. There will also be a Hoth area where players get to master the Snow-speeder called Invasion.

They have not forgotten about all you Imperial fans, with the Overpower mission and Endor Chase your job is to play as the Imperial forces chasing down the Rebel Scum plaguing your great empire.

The fun does not stop there though, they outlined the 1 vs 1 Action and detail how this can be done online and split screen.


Level Designer Jim Fagerlund goes into detail about how this mode came to be:

“As we developed the cooperative Survival missions, we realized that we also wanted an experience where you could battle directly against another player,” Fagerlund says. “Co-op is great, but fighting your friend in couch co-op can be incredibly fun. That’s when we began working on Battles.”

Apparently in development the battles between two players, the one with the better skill would always win, “So we looked for another winning criteria,” Fagerlund explains. “That’s when we came up with the tokens. Every defeated enemy would drop these, and we decided on a race to 100 points. The tougher the enemy, the higher the value of the token.”

Battles is classically Rebels versus Imperials, and can be played against a team of AI enemies or against another player. When playing against another player, it can be 1 vs 1 only, or each player fighting alongside AI enemies against each other. The choice is yours, and the goal is to collect points by picking up dropped tokens from your defeated enemies. Reach 100 points and the match is yours. Hero Battles follows the same rules, but with the key difference that you’re fighting as the iconic Heroes and Villains in Star Wars Battlefront.

This all sounds like it will make for an exhilarating day one experience! The more we hear about Battlefront, the more compelling the final package becomes.

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