All-New Ghost Rider comic series coming out in March

| Oct 18, 2013
All-New Ghost Rider comic series coming out in March

Aside from his brief appearance in the”Fear Itself” series that came out in 2011 -which lasted only 10 issues – one of Marvel’s most iconic characters has unfortunately taken a back seat over the years, until now.

Writer Felipe Smith, also known for his Peepo Choo manga series, and artist Tradd Moore are teaming up in hopes of reenergizing the Ghost Rider character with the appropriately named “All-New Ghost Rider” series.

The new line of Ghost Rider comics will follow the high school senior Robbie Reyes, who will become the next vessel for the Spirit of Vengeance. The main villain of the series will be Dr. Calvin Zabo, also known as Mister Hyde, who uses his “Hyde” formula to turn himself into a superhumanly powerful being.

The concept of introducing the Spirit of Vengeance to an inexperienced youngster, whose surroundings are much different than the previous host’s was is really interesting. Johnny Blaze was cool, but the new direction they’ve taken is refreshing and will no doubt open up a lot of opportunities for the Ghost Rider character.

The new series will launch in March 2014.

Source: CBR.com

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