New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Announced

| Jun 5, 2015
New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate  DLC Announced

If you can’t get enough Monster Hunter, then June will be a good month for you because Capcom has announced a new batch of DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

The biggest features coming over are the new Devil May Cry and Animal Crossing inspired skins, but it will also feature new quests, weapons, armour sets, stuff for your Palico, Guild Card backgrounds and Guild Card titles. All you have to do is go to the DLC menu in the game and download all the goodies. If you missed out on their content from March, April, and May, you can still get them.

Although I wasn’t as blown away by the game as most of the game press and community were, I can’t deny that there is a ton of replayability for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It might be one of the best bang for your buck games in the 3DS’s library just because it’s online features add so much more to the experience. The fact that Capcom continues to support the game with DLC and bring in some cross over appeal by featuring other franchises only reinforces that statement. So, way to go Capcom, this is a win for everyone involved.

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