New Partnership Will Merge Analytics and Gaming

| Jan 26, 2017
New Partnership Will Merge Analytics and Gaming 1

A new partnership between Zodiac (a cloud-based software platform provider) and Tophouse Media (a digital media company) was announced today and this can only mean good news for video game marketing.

Tophouse launches mobile content on a global scale and markets games and apps while driving monetization and retention for its clients. Now that Tophouse has expanded into data analysis, they can see how certain data affects a client’s business. Zodiac is a predictive analytics company that forecasts individual customer behavior, allowing companies to understand exactly which customers will buy again, how often customers will buy, and how much customers will spend on a brand over their lifetime. The partnership was reached based on Tophouse’s belief that the current forecasting and analytics available to developers, publishers and marketers for video games needed to be dramatically improved.

The partnership will give game marketers a better understanding of their customers, and will give marketers the ability tweak their planning and forecasting like never before; all by using raw game data.

“We’re delighted to form this partnership with Tophouse,” said Artem Mariychin, CEO and Co-Founder for Zodiac in a press release. “We have tested our data models and found a great fit with the games business, where we have been able to predict future customer value with a high degree of accuracy.”

The new partnership should prove profitable for both companies. It will not only allow Tophouse to bring a new solution to the games market but also add another knotch in Zodiac’s belt on their growing list of products, which are customized by industry.

Zodiac currently works with American Apparel, Dressbarn, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and Wahoo Fitness and many others. Tophouse currently works with Monster Strike, Ripe Rides, Boomlagoon, V2 Games, Disruptive Publishers and others. Since both companies have such a wide range of clients, the partnership should be fruitful for the gaming industry.

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