New Ring-Shaped Peripheral Revealed By Nintendo

| September 6, 2019
New Ring-Shaped Peripheral Revealed By Nintendo

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed what they called a “new experience” for Nintendo Switch, taking the form of a new peripheral.

This peripheral is a ring-shaped apparatus with a slot for the Switch’s joy-con controllers. One controller goes in the ring, while the other is strapped to your thigh. The accompanying trailer shows people from around the world in different positions taking different physical actions with the device, implying that it will serve as a sort of continuation for the Wii Fit/Wii Sports series. The ring appears fairly flexible, and can be partially disassembled.

1-2 Switch is a prior Nintendo Switch game that is the sort that could require this type of peripheral, though while that was a party game, this appears to be for pure exercise games as well. Of course, it’s still very possible that a minigame collection like Warioware could require this equipment as well. We’ll have to wait and see what sort of games Nintendo has in mind for this odd invention.

More information on this new peripheral for the Nintendo Switch will arrive on September 12th, 2019, at or during Tokyo Game Show.

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