RUMOUR: New Splinter Cell Possibly In Development

RUMOUR: New Splinter Cell Possibly In Development 1

There is a rumour creeping around several gaming forums that Ubisoft is working on a new Splinter Cell game, with Michael Ironside returning as the series’ covert protagonist Sam Fisher.

This information come courtesy of a post on NeoGAF, with Crossing Eden, the original poster, stating they have reliable contacts with information on Ubisoft projects. One of their contacts dropped info on Watch_Dogs 2 earlier this year that proved to be true.

Eden posted an excerpt of the info their contact provided them about the new Splinter Cell game. It reads as follows:

“Regarding other games, I haven’t been involved with Steep or Wildlands, but I was surprised Splinter Cell didn’t appear at E3. I know Ironside is back. He was in the studio, I said Hi to him and his daughter. He was shooting a movie with Amy Jo Johnson, and I know someone who worked on that set and Ironside confirmed to him he was doing the new Splinter Cell. I know Toronto has the mocap studio for it. I’m hoping to hear or see something unofficial, if not official, this year, but its been hard to get anything beyond ‘It’s Happening.'”

Eden later posted an update to their original post, with the contact stating they did see Ironside in Toronto last summer shooting for The Space Between. Two of their sources stated they had talked to Ironside and he said he was working on a new Splinter Cell.

“The movie shoot overlapped the same week as my encounter. As I understand it, he was here for the movie first and worked in the studio visit while in town,” said the contact. “I know UbiSoft TO has a wonderful new mocap studio.”

Ubisoft studios are known to collaborate on projects. The Toronto studio contributed to Watch_Dogs 2 and For Honor is taking up some space there as well.

Ironside was last in Splinter Cell: Conviction as Sam Fisher. Eric Johnson took that role in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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