New Survey Shows More Women Own Consoles then Men

| Nov 5, 2015
New Survey Shows More Women Own Consoles then Men

It used to be a long-held belief, that there were more men that owned and played videogames than women. It seems like this is no longer the case.

A new study has come out, conducted by the Pew Research Center, and it sheds some light on who owns what in the realm of consoles in the USA. The numbers are showing a more diverse picture than previously thought when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox usage and ownership.

According to the survey, 40% of adults now report having a console in their household. What is even more interesting is that 42% of American women admit to owning a console, whereas only 37% of men admit to ownership of a console.

What is also interesting is the age groups that own consoles. In the 18-29 age bracket, 56% own consoles. This number stays pretty consistent at 55% for the 30-49 age bracket. It does drop off considerably with the 50-64 and 65+ age brackets where it is 30% and 8% respectively.

It is good to see the gaming industry doing well in such a wide range of demographics. It is the sign of a healthy industry, one that is embraced worldwide.

You can read the full study from the Pew Research Center here.

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