Nintendo Releases Three New Trailers for Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Releases Three New Trailers for Nintendo Labo 1

Nintendo has released new footage detailing their upcoming Nintendo Labo kits, and they seem to be quite the catch.

The three new trailers show gameplay for every Nintendo Labo experience announced so far, and provide an in depth look at what Labo will be able to do straight out of the box.

Starting with the Labo variety pack, Toy-Con Motorbike has you creating and using your motorbike attachment to race along different tracks, whether it be against CPU opponents or simply collecting targets by yourself. The game also features the ability to build your own tracks using motion controls or via a more standard analog configuration. Keeping with the topic of racing, Toy-Con RC Car comes with the materials to build two cars, which you can use to race against a friend, set up an obstacle course and even compete in car wrestling. The cars can also be programmed via the IR sensor in the right Joy-Con to drive along a specific route.

On the more musical side, Toy-Con Piano tasks you with assembling a 13-key piano which you can use to record songs and play them back. What’s more is that players can experiment with different pitches, modulation and syncing features that promise to be capable of making something unique. Toy-Con Fishing Rod features many exotic fish to discover, with certain fish being more difficult to catch. Players can also make their own fish out of Labo construction material and actually catch them in game. On top of the core fishing experience, users can use their Toy-Con Piano as an aquarium for looking at the fish that they’ve caught.

The last experience featured in the variety pack is Toy-Con House which has you building a house for a cute creature and interacting with it in different ways. Some of these ways to interact include: mine cart races, bowling and jump rope as well as generally befriending the houses inhabitant.

As for the Robot pack, you get to build your own wearable Robot Suit that you then use to complete challenges, destroy objects and unlock powerful abilities in game. There are various challenge modes that allow you to learn new robot skills as well as a challenge mode that tasks you with completing a certain objective in a given time. Throughout these challenges you  get to destroy UFO’s, transform into a car and fly, along with a number of other experiences.

Also included is Robot Studio, a mode where you insert your Nintendo Switch console into your mech and which then makes sounds based off of your movement It’s the perfect accesory for your mid-afternoon rampage! Local multiplayer is supported, but the other player needs to have their own Robot Pack in order to play. Nintendo also mentioned that the game will feature some sort of multiplayer leader board but it doesn’t seem like you’ll be allowed to play against other players online.

Nintendo Labo is scheduled to release on April 27, 2018 and the Variety and Robot packs will retail for 89.99 CAD and 99.99 CAD respectively.

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Alex Handziuk
Alex Handziuk

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