More Nintendo Switch Rumours — Firmware Update 12.0.0.

Is The Switch Pro Getting Announced Soon?

Nintendo Switch received a firmware update bringing it to version 12.0.0.

It was said that this update allowed the consoles dock to be updated this time around. Dataminer OatmealDome did some digging to find that the update has allegedly added audio support for the system’s Bluetooth driver. 

Yesterday OatmealDome made a Twitter post about the dock’s update, though they were unaware of why the system would need it, “The Dock itself only contains USB chips, a MyDP -> HDMI converter, and flash memory to store its firmware. I’m not sure what the point of an update would be considering how basic it is inside. (As far as I’m aware, it has never received one before.)” Rumours swirling suggesting it was to update the 2.0 USB port in the rear of the system as Twitter users state they claimed they’d update it “in the future”. After more digging, it appears OatmealDome has solved the firmware mystery.

Update 12.0.0. Has apparently brought an update to the system’s Bluetooth driver. Though we have no word from Nintendo on how or even if they intend to use this, OatmealDome remains hopeful, “I personally don’t think Nintendo would add this for ‘no reason’, so hopefully this will be used somewhere. (Especially since Bluetooth Audio is a highly requested feature on the Switch.)” The use of Bluetooth audio would finally allow players to connect Bluetooth headsets and go wireless when using the Nintendo Switch, a hassle players have been complaining about since the system’s 2017 release.

We are unsure what Nintendo plans to do with this new update. Rumours about the development of a new, upgraded Nintendo Switch — which I insist on calling the Super Nintendo Switch — have been making their rounds on popular news sites, but have not been officially confirmed. At minimum, it is a positive sign that Nintendo is still moving forward with ways to improve the system that fans already know and love. 

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