Nintendo Switch Production Should Go Back To Normal By Summer

Nintendo Switch Production Should Go Back To Normal By Summer

Figures from the Nintendo financial release indicate that Nintendo believes the impact of Switch production will be over by this summer.

The Nintendo Switch is currently going through a shortage of stock, with the current COVID-19 pandemic slowing down the production of units in factories around the world. David Gibson, who works for the research company Astris Advisory Japan KK, tweeted and translated the release of the financial results. The Nintendo Switch is only halfway through its lifecycle with no plans for a Switch 2 anytime soon, so the continued sales of the current console are still important.

The sales of the Nintendo Switch are currently on track to overtake the Wii’s total sales figures even with the setback in production. The sales on games during this period for the Switch have remained strong as well, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons selling 13.41 million copies since launch, 50% of those being digital sales.

For the time being, the Nintendo Switch is still sold out across the world and online. Beware of scalpers overcharging you for it! While the Nintendo Switch Lite has come back in stock periodically, each time the stock sold out again. Hopefully some normality will creep back into the game industry in the near future, but as with all things, nothing is certain until the pandemic is resolved. Stay safe out there.

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