Nioh DLC Receives Release Date

Nioh DLC Receives Release Date 1

A release date was announced today for Team Ninja’s action RPG, Nioh.

The new DLC, titled Dragon of the North will be arriving on PlayStation 4 on May 2, 2017. This new chapter in Nioh will pick up after the events of the main story and will feature a new character based on the historical Japanese figure, Masamune Date. Dragon of the North will take place in the Oshu region, introducing the ambitious ruler as he seeks power by gathering spirit stones, setting the stage for a new conflict to begin. Along with new areas, the new DLC for Nioh will feature powerful new yokai not seen in the base game. New guardian spirits, armour, and ninja skills will be added along with a new weapon called the Odachi.

Releasing alongside the Dragon of the North DLC will be an update, introducing the long-awaited PvP feature to the game. Nioh Director Yasuda Fumihiko shared a few details about the new game mode. One on one and two versus two battles will be available with winning two rounds as the requirement to win a match. The mode will feature several stages with some having unique terrain features. Most items and skills from the game’s single player will be available in PvP mode but a few will have their properties changed.

Nioh has performed well since its PlayStation 4 exclusive launch in February, shipping over one million units worldwide within its first two weeks. The game borrows mechanics found in the Dark Souls series, blending them with a Japanese setting and folklore from the country. PvP was announced for the game before it launched, initially planned to release in April before being pushed back to tie in with the new content found in the DLC.

Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC will cost $9.99. A season pass is available for $25, giving players access to the soon to be released content along with the two expansions planned in the future.

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