No More Dedicated Humble Mobile Bundle

| November 17, 2015
No More Dedicated Humble Mobile Bundle - 2015-11-17 12:35:18

The Mobile Bundle tab has been removed from the Humble Bundle page. It appears there will no longer be a dedicated mobile bundle available through Humble Bundle. This does not mean that mobile games will no longer be offered through the service, they will just be “putting mobile games in more places across the site” and occasionally customers will be offered “special mobile bundles”.

It just appears that Mobile Bundles will not be offered bi-weekly as they were before but, they are not gone for good.

You may have noticed that we took down the “Mobile Bundle” tab at the top of our site today. That doesn’t mean mobile bundles are gone! It simply means that we’re updating the way we do mobile bundles. Instead of having a new mobile bundle every two weeks, we will be putting mobile games in more places across the site and will feature special mobile bundles throughout the year.

To get your mobile fix on a more regular occasion, you’ll still be able to find mobile games in the Humble Store. We will also include mobile versions of games in other bundles such as the Humble Weekly Bundle when we can (including the current Humble Weekly Bundle: Made in Singapore, which features two Android games).

If you’d like to know more about our mobile game offerings, we suggest following @humblemobile on Twitter, which we will use for upcoming mobile announcements about games in the store and in bundles.

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