NordicGame Conference Breaks Records

NordicGame Conference Breaks Records 2

In Sweden, the 14th annual Nordic Game conference took place, with peers and colleagues from the region and all around the world celebrating the Nordics games industry, and in the commotion, the event broke some records.
The event which took place from May 17, 2017, to May 19, 2017 broke all previous records over the three days of the event, more than 2000 NG17 attendees got the chance to meet with their fellow peers, participate in talks by over 150 speakers, while sharing their knowledge, projects and just general passion for games.

Some of the highlights from the conference include events such as the “fireside chat” which featured Fumito Ueda, (Ico and The Last Guardian) and David Polfedt (The Division).  As well as intensive tech sessions by INSIDE creators, with additional in-depth talks from Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency).

From a Nordic developer’s standpoint, it was noted that NG17 confirmed and reassured yet again, that the video games industry is indeed expanding and is in high gear. The event itself was sold out, with attendees getting the opportunity to vote for their favourite new and upcoming games that were present during the event, with the winner being a title called “Morkredd” from Norwegian developer Hyper Games.

Prior to the evening Gala dinner, which served over 900 guests, Inside developer Playdead took the show by storm, winning in four categories.  The last day of the event on May 19,  2017, featured the debut of an event known as “Discovery Day”, co-created by the Copenhagen Game Collective, the segment spotlighted new talent, and or innovated game makers from the region as well as around the world.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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