Today The Nothing Phone 1, The Latest In Smartphone Innovation Is Revealed

Today Nothing Introduced The Nothing Phone 1, The Latest In Smartphone Innovation

The world was introduced to the latest in smartphone-on-a-budget design today, with the Nothing company’s Nothing Phone 1, which aims to break new ground in an over-saturated market.

Following many small glimpses leading up to the announcement—which proves that the Nothing brand can hang on the marketing side of what could be regarded as the ‘big phone’ industry—the Carl Pei lead team behind the Nothing Phone 1 announced what’s to come with their flagship entry into the smartphone business.

Today The Nothing Phone 1, The Latest In Smartphone Innovation Is Revealed

During the announcement segment of the new exciting device, CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, walked viewers through what makes the Nothing Phone 1 so special. Right off the bat, the presentation of the Phone 1 could be said to resemble the iPhone, but it REALLY looks like the OnePlus Nord N20 5G smartphone released earlier this year, which is not a bad thing.

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Nothing Phone 1 Specs

  • Innovative Glyph Interface, designed to reduce screen time and can be altered to show unique light patterns for each person trying to contact the user. Useful for screening unwanted & wanted calls, determining when the device is charging, and more.
  • A Nothing OS designed with a simple, easy to navigate UI that focuses on pure speed rather than bells and whistles, to provide reliability and a smooth experience. Advanced Tesla functionality — such as turning on the AC before entering — and a designated NFT widget were detailed during the presentation as well.
  • Two 50 MP sensor cameras, with the main being powered by Sony IMX766 outline the tech-savvy device, with the capability to shoot video in 4K resolution and is equipped with a night mode. Carl Pei even revealed the presentation was fully shot on the Nothing Phone 1.
  • 6.55″ OLED display with HDR10+, featuring 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ chipset, Diablo Immortal will run on the Nothing Phone 1 without lag seamlessly in ‘Game Mode.’
  • 18 hours of battery life with continuous use, and up to two days in standby mode. The Nothing Phone 1 is said to fully charge with only one hour of charge time.

Pei said, “We designed Phone 1 as a product we’d be proud to share with friends and family,” including “This simple principle helped us wander off the beaten path, tune into our instincts, and create an experience that hopefully marks the start of change in a stagnant industry,” regarding the Nothing Phone 1 launch.

Today The Nothing Phone 1, The Latest In Smartphone Innovation Is Revealed

The exciting Nothing Phone 1 has an early special launch at the Nothing Kiosk in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London from July 16-20 in limited quantities, and will launch on the Nothing Official Website starting July 21st. The Nothing Phone 1 will be available in black & white in three models; the 8GB/128GB for £399 GBP, the 8GB/256GB £449 GBP, and the 12GB/256GB £499 GBP, available later in the Summer. There is of course no news to report on whether the device will make its way to North America just yet, but consumers can head over to the official Nothing Twitter account to stay in the loop.

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