NX Controller Images Leaked

| March 23, 2016
NX Controller Images Leaked 2

New images of the Nintendo NX controller have surfaced on Reddit.

User, Perkele37, has uploaded shots of the controller that he clarifies is for the dev kits and representative of the final product.

Nx Controller Images Leaked 1

According to the submitter, the controller features haptic feedback that is similar to Apple’s Taptic engine, it doesn’t use regular rumble. The upper nubs of the analog sticks move, with the static base it apparently feels like the circle pad. He also comments that the rollers on the top feel and look like a mouse scroll wheel, although he doesn’t believe that this will be the final design. Finally, the controller also features a 3.5 mm audio jack on the bottom.

Frankly, while this is just speculation and this is not the final product, the controller does not look especially ergonomically designed and seems like it would be painful to hold for extended gaming sessions.

Perkele37 did not have anything else to add to his post. Furthermore, this is most likely to be a “fake” account solely to leak these images.

Nx Controller Images Leaked

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