Oasis Games Announces Hidden Dragon: Legend to Release Next Month

| Jul 7, 2017
Oasis Games Announces Hidden Dragon: Legend to Release Next Month 2

Hidden Dragon: Legend will be coming to 4 in August.Independent Chinese publisher Oasis Games has announced the release of their upcoming title, Hidden Dragon: Legend. Hidden Dragon Legends is a 2.5D action platformer, powered by 4. The game is a Chinese-developed title that places players in imperial China as a powerful warrior competing for a superpower-granting object, the dragon cauldron. Utilizing a variety of combat and acrobatic skills, players are free to explore through a Metroidvania-style map. Players will also need to solve a variety of puzzles while defeating enemies to progress. Hidden Dragon: Legend offers deep customization with skill trees and interchangeable equipment, stats and special moves. Hidden Dragon: Legend is being developed by MegaFun Games, an indie developer based in China. This will be the company’s first major console title. It will also be the company’s global debut.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2011, Oasis Games has published a number of games across numerous platforms. The company is best known for their work on browser games such as Online, a game based on the popular Japanese anime and manga Naruto. In 2016, Oasis Games became the first game publisher in the Chinese market. Oasis Games is also currently the only global console game publisher in mainland China.

has been working hard to help raise awareness f aspiring game creators based in Japan recently. Earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai announced ten titles for its “China Hero Project” initiative. Launched in 2016, the “China Hero Project” initiative was created to locate and support talented indie game studios in China and help to support the development of their games for the PlayStation family. was able to speak with one of the chosen studios recently, named Rocket Punch.

Hidden Dragon: Legend, will release digitally on PlayStation 4 this August for $19.99.

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