Oculus Pricing and Ship Dates Reveled

| Jan 6, 2016
Oculus Pricing and Ship Dates Reveled - 2016-01-06 11:28:35

There had been speculation flying about price and availability since before Facebook purchased Oculus. Everyone wanted to know what it would cost and when they could get their hands on it. With pre-orders now live, people now have a better insight into the cost they will have to drop to pick up the VR headset.

For the basic unit, people will have to pay $599 USD, and the headset will be shipping in March 2016. With it only months away, people will not have to wait long to jump into VR, but the $599 price point may be a bit too steep for the newcomer to VR. VR still has not reached mass market appeal yet, and with the need for a massive computer to run it, such a high price tag without any special controller, Oculus may have issues drawing people in.

With this just being one of the slew of devices launching in 2016, the competition now has a price point to beat. We will have to wait and see what HTC’s VR offering and PlayStationVR will inevitably cost. No release dates have been set for either device as of yet.

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