Olivia Munn casted as Psylocke

| Apr 13, 2015
Olivia Munn casted as Psylocke

G4 veteran turned actress, Olivia Munn has been cast as PsyLocke in X-Men Apocalypse.  You may have seen her in another Marvel entry, Iron Man 2 and now she is arguably landing her biggest role as an actress yet.

Bryan Singer took to his instagram today to announce Betsy Braddock a.k.a Psylocke has joined the cast in the end to the second X-Men trilogy.

Munn in this role could cause some heartache. She has been received well in the hit TV series, The Newsroom which most likely led to her getting the role but personally I don’t think she is the right fit for the role. Even the perception online from thousands have been negative. But to be fair, aren’t most casting for iconic superheroes?

Olivia Munn has been around the industry across all different genres starring in movies such as, Deliver Us From Evil, Magic Mike, The Perfect Couple,Freeloaders, Mortdecai and The Babymakers.

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