Online Petition Tries To Prevent PC Version Of GTA V

| Sep 11, 2013
Online Petition Tries To Prevent PC Version Of GTA V 1

Over at change.org there is a petition by one Philip Trevor calling for Rockstar to NOT make a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The reason posted on the petition? “So PC gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games.” So far the petition has garnered over 1000 signatures, although some of them are, self-admittedly, troll signatures. Other signatures however, have actually cited wanting to support Rockstar and prevent the loss of sales through the inevitable piracy that would occur on the PC platform. And of course there are those that simply dislike the “Glorious PC Master Gaming Race,” as famously coined by Yahtzee.

Right now there’s no official announcement about any version of GTA V outside of the officially acknowledged current generation console versions. Historical precedent is another story, since Rockstar did eventually release a PC version of GTA IV, which has become the subject of many impressive mods over the years. There’s also the recent appearance of GTA V pre-orders being made available on Amazon Germany, but that’s far from any kind of official confirmation. For now though, let’s just concentrate on the fact that one of the biggest gaming events of the year is now just a week away.

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