Be Part of Fortnite Alpha!

Be Part of Fortnite Alpha! 1

Have you been excited about the upcoming game Fortnite? Well, the time has come, Fortnite is allowing some people into a live alpha test of the game. For everyone with an alpha invite, the testing will take place from December 2nd to 19th. This will be some of the first testing for the game, outside epic of course, so it should be excited to see what this game is like.

Players will experience all basic stuff from the launcher to the game systems, since Epic wants to test all aspects to ensure they are working. The team at Epic want all feedback to ensure Fortnite is the polished product we have come to expect from them. That being said, players should note that this is an alpha, as such, there will be bugs, rough edges and some issues. This is only to be expected for a game in active development.

Sadly it seems that all invites for this phase of the alpha test have already been allocated.  If you want to apply to be part of the future alpha test, go HERE and sign up! The team at Epic will be adding more people to testing as time goes on, so if this is a game you want to dig into, don’t wait.

This should be an intriguing game that does push what the Unreal engine can do. It will be nice to see what the people over at Epic can do when not making a purely violent shooter. From all we have seen, the game is stunning and should prove to be a unique experience for players. I know I am excited to see what Epic has in store for this title.

What do you think, will Fortnite be a must play, or will it ultimately be an intriguing idea that just can’t deliver?

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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