New Fortnite Gameplay Trailer

| June 8, 2015
New Fortnite Gameplay Trailer

Fortnite, the epic built Minecraft style experience, is slowly taking form. Epic has finally released more of what players can expect with the latest Gameplay trailer. From the looks of it, this will be a fun and interesting world, although it still has yet to be seen if it can capture any of that Minecraft audience. 

Epic Games have been working on this for some time, so it is exciting to see the fruits of their labour. Fortnite is looking solid, with elements they are known for such as the gun combat, mixed with the building aspects that make games like Minecraft so appealing.

Full details from epic below:

Things have been quiet around here as we’ve been working hard on the next build of Fortnite, but that hasn’t stopped us taking a little time to show off our latest efforts with the game. A few weeks ago some of the folks in gaming media had a chance to play Fortnite and throughout the week you’ll be seeing their thoughts on the latest version of the game. Here is an awesome article Gamespot just released. In addition, we put together this video chock full of gameplay for everyone to enjoy!

If you haven’t heard, we also showed off the game at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference today. Catch our team on stage showing off the game on Mac on this archived stream.

We’re so excited to have these opportunities to show off the game again and hope you like what you see as we get closer to our closed beta later this year!

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